About Us


ARMEX Technologies s.r.o.
has been present in the Czech scene since 2016 as a full-time member of the stable, strong ARMEX Group, who ranks among the most valued companies in the Czech Republic.

ARMEX Technologies, s.r.o. is a private research company whose operations only use private funding, which gives it a very advantageous competitive position in the field. However, the company does not only engage in research, it also dedicates considerable effort to the development of innovation and education in the Czech Republic.

ARMEX Technologies s.r.o. Was founded by these partners: ARMEX GLOBAL a.s., ARMEX HOLDING a.s. a Ing. Martin Matzke. In comparison to its competitors, the close partnership with the other members of ARMEX Group offers ARMEX Technologies s.r.o. many benefits, especially strong economic and technology background.

The principal industry where ARMEX Technologies s.r.o. engages is technology research and innovation in the field of modern technologies. The principal activities of the company include financial support and subsequent practical implementation of new technology inventions and projects, including the necessary patents and legal protection of new technology applications.