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One of the purposes behind the founding of ARMEX Technologies, s.r.o. is financial and technological support for the creation of new technologies and their subsequent integration into industrial applications. Our projects are looking for motivated personalities who are dedicated to making a difference with their ideas.

ARMEX Technologies not only investing in the initial concepts, but also enters into functioning companies in the next stages of growth. The strong economic background of the ARMEX Group enables long-term financing of other investment rounds, which gives the founder the opportunity to concentrate fully on his work and not to waste time looking for new investors.

The company’s goal is to assist you in developing your ideas – from the initial concept to the final form of the product being launched on the market. Our support consists especially in the provision of the technological as well as financial and legal support that is so necessary for rapid development of the final product.

The StartUp program by ARMEX Technologies, s.r.o. is open for all industries. The program is interested in projects that implement new or considerably improved products, procedures and technologies. The criterion for participation in the program is the level of detailed development of the project as well as the innovator’s dedication to bringing the technology into the world.

ARMEX Technologies, s.r.o. does not offer financial loans. Our mission is to transform your ideas into reality and to participate in the development with you, the innovator, who will manage the project. We offer more than funding. Apart from the financial background for your new ideas, we offer our experience, worksites and new technologies that your research requires. We bear the risk of potential failure, but we deploy all our resources and knowledge in preventing such situations from occurring.

From the idea to the final product: How does the StartUP program work?

The process of the StartUp program remains basically the same, but it usually differs in individual project specifics. Once the conditions of cooperation have been established, initial stages of the research can start. The initial stage contains design work, market research, a feasibility study and preparation of a detailed plan for cooperation for the oncoming months; negotiations on the budget and human resources take place, etc. 

Should we prepare a functional prototype, functional product or the idea/concept is verified for viability on the competitive market, a new company is established. The new company is owned by the innovator and ARMEX Technologies, s.r.o. The shares of the two entities are distributed according to the size of resources provided and the difficulty of the research itself.

If you are interested in cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at to arrange a meeting and discuss the potential for sharing our efforts.


If you have a good idea and are willing to cooperation with us, the first step is to fill out the form.

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